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Slot car tracks 
Custom built and finished.
Commercial or home tracks. 

We are entering our 20th year building high quality slot car tracks exclusively.

We want you, the customer to know that there are no hidden costs. The price we quote is the finished price, checked out and ready to race on. We are offering three stages of tracks to make it easier for you, the customer, to choose the one that suites his budget best. Travel will be charged according to mileage.

Ed & Karol Tunkel

The following applies to all slot car tracks built by "HAND CRAFTED TRACKS".


The track is routed and leveled. Sides are put on both inside and out. For the tight turns a special bending board is used. The sides are then cut even top and bottom.

LEGS - The legs are 3/4" fiberboard triangles with the ends cut off, and the edges rounded, and fastened together with two bolts. We use longer legs when required. The legs are bolted to a 2X4 support under the track with two bolts, and are fully adjustable.

JOINTS - Joints consist of two 2X4S bolted together with four bolts, made into a tongue a groove joint.

STRAIGHT SECTIONS - 1X2S are put under each side for good support.

TURN SECTIONS - Extra supports are mounted under the track between each leg support, called T blocks. These blocks give the sides added strength.

DRIVERS STATION - The drivers station consists of two 8 ft. sections made of 3/4" fiber-board with an extra wide edge to conceal wiring. It is mounted under the track with 6" showing. The ends are cut and edges rounded. The holes for the drivers plates are cut.

(2.) PAINTINGThe track surface-two coats of Black or Gray. First two coats are, porch and floor enamel. Then come 16 wide bright colored stripes. The third coat is a satin finish polyurethane. Two coats enamel Black or Gray and one coat of polyurethane on the drivers station.

RELAYS - Eight heavy duty relays mounted on a board under the track.


 DRIVERS PLATES - Eight color coded plex-i-glas plates 
 4"X6" with brass bolts and a circuit breaker.

WIRING - All wire, wire connectors and braid for entire track. 

We then check out the track, each lane separately. We will show you how to glue your track in and how to keep it clean and what to do to keep it in the best running condition.

BATTERY & LAP COUNTER - Not included.


(Note: all drag strips are made from 3/4" thick fiberboard)  If ordering a drag track with other tracks, no additional cost is added. If ordering alone then a travel cost is charged according to the distance traveled. Battery & Timing system not included.

Please keep In mind that you only hurt the hobby when you put a new track close to an existing one.

Thank you for inquiring about HAND CRAFTED TRACKS. We do our very best to go that extra mile in building our tracks and working with prospective customers. Let us know if we can be of further service.

A list of satisfied track owners is available on request.

Thank you for visiting our home page. If you have any further 
questions please call or e mail us. We welcome your call.

Ed & Karol Tunkel
330 Pattie Gap Rd. 
Philadelphia, TENN. 37846

l - 865 - 376 - 4382

m kktunkel@gmail.com

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